Gorobei Katayama
Katayama Gorobei
General information
English name Gorobei Katayama
Japanese name ゴロベエ
Physical appearance
Gender Male
Hair White
First appearance
Last appearance
Status Deceased
Voice actor Tetsu Inada (Japanese)
Bob Carter (English)

Katayama Gorobei is a skilled samurai who has made his living since the wars' end by entertaining people on the city streets. He is also a veteran of the Great War, so he knows Kambei by reputation. He is very skilled at dodging blows and can pluck arrows and darts from the air. This ability was presumably based of the fact that in the original movie, Gorobei was able to sense (from a few feet outside the door) Katsushiro's waiting to hit him inside the hut. He often makes light of rather serious or dangerous situations. He is also quite smart, in his own unique way. He is the first to be killed when saving the rest of the samurai from bullet fire during the bandits raid. (In the film, however, Heihachi is the first samurai to be killed). To him, all the world was a stage and the people, merely players. He is the second samurai.