Sanae 475
Sanae as empress
General information
English name Sanae
Japanese name サナエ
Physical appearance
Gender Female
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
First appearance
Last appearance
Voice actor Asakawa Yuu (Japanese)
Clarine Harp (English)

Sanae is Rikichi's wife. She gave herself willingly to the bandits to save Kanna village. Kirara discovers from the bandits that Sanae and other "choice" girls that they abduct, are sent to the capital. Later on she becomes pregnant with Amanushi's child (clone) and refuses to leave with Shimada Kambei proclaiming that she is in love with the Emperor. Sanae believes the Emperor is misunderstood, while Mizuki and the other women believe she's been brainwashed.

She is later informed about the loss of the baby, which devastates her, as she believes she killed the baby which was caused by the stress and grief over the Emperor's death. She begins to sob and apologize to the Emperor and later says that "she will pray for the souls of the Emperor and their [our] for the rest of her [my] life."  Kambei stated that the look in Sanae's eyes were "sincere love for the Emperor."


Sanae in the last episode.

After she's rescued, Sanae refuses to see Rikichi either out of shame or the fact that she still loves the Emperor. It is possible she suffers from Stockholm Syndrome. However, at the end of the series, it is shown that she has had a change of heart in a way, for she is seen smiling at Rikichi when they are working on the rice fields.