General information
English name Shichiroji
Japanese name シチロージ
Physical appearance
Gender Male
Hair Blond
Eyes Brown
Weapons Yari
First appearance
Last appearance
Voice actor Tooru Kusano(Japanese)
Duncan Brannan (English)

Shichiroji initially fought side by side in the Great War with Kambei, and is often referred to as "Kambei's old wife" ("mate" in the English dub). He temporarily leaves behind his successful post-war business at the Firefly Inn, and with it, his beautiful girlfriend/fiancée, to join Kambei in battle once again. He has a prosthetic left hand which has a grappling hook capability with his index finger. In combat he uses a type of spear; the only samurai not using a sword. This is probably a reference to his using a spear mainly during the final battle in the original movie (though normally he carried a sword). His girlfriend, Yukino , has nicknamed him Momotaro, from the traditional Japanese tale, because she found him, badly injured after a battle, floating down a river inside a capsule reminiscent of a peach. He is the fourth samurai. The Firefly house is where he and the other samurai initially met.