Kambei Shimada
Shimada Kambei
General information
English name Kambei Shimada
Japanese name カンベイ
Physical appearance
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Weapons Chokutō
First appearance
Last appearance
Voice actor Masaki Terasoma(Japanese)
R Bruce Elliott (English)

Shimada Kambei was the first of the seven samurai. As an experienced and wise samurai, he has been through many battles. Together with Shichiroji, he has fought in the Great War. Despite his great loss during those battles and the lingering shadow of his painful and violent past, Kambei has a calm demeanor. Nevertheless, when Kirara confessed to him, Kambei stated that his heart had "withered" long time ago, indicating the weight of his loss.

As the first, and also considered wisest of the group, Kambei takes the role as leader. He is also the one to decide there have to be seven samurai ideally. He is also the one who makes up most tactical plans and strategies, often together with Shichiroji, to defend the village.

While initially he doesn't recognize either Katsushiro or Kikuchiyo to be samurai, he later on recognizes their abilities and accepts them. At the end of the series, he recognizes Katsushiro's worth (something he didn't do despite naming him one of the samurai), and passes his sword onto him.


Kambei is a quiet man. He is considered the wisest of the seven samurai, which is one of the reasons he becomes their leader, the other being his impressive skill.

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