General information
English name Shino
Japanese name シノ
Physical appearance
Gender Female
Hair Brown
First appearance
Last appearance
Voice actor Yuu Kobayashi (Japanese)
Monica Rial (English)

Shino is the daughter of the farmer Manzo. It is mentioned that she used to be beautiful until her father cut off her hair and covered her with dirt to disguise her as a man. He did so to avoid her being taken by the Nobuseri.

Though she is often seen arguing with her father about betraying the samurai, she still loves him greatly. This is shown when she begs Kirara to stop him from selling out the samurai to the scout, which also implies Kirara and Shino are close friends. Despite his betrayal, she still begs the samurai to spare her father's life.


Shino is shown to be kind and loyal, though not afraid to voice her own opinion on matters, despite it being against her father's wishes. Even though their opinions differ, she also deeply cares about her father.

Comparison to the movieEdit

Seven SamuraiEdit

In the original movie, Shino was Okamoto Katsushiro's love interest. In the series she is replaced in this role by Kirara. However, the romance is less focused on here and instead Katsushiro opts to continue becoming a samurai rather than staying in the village.

The Magnificent SevenEdit

Like her counterpart Petra in the original movie's remake The Magnificent Seven, she was revealed as a disguised girl to the group by Kikuchiyo, off of whose original counterpart Chico was partially based.