The Execution
General information
English title The Execution
Romaji Kigaeru!
Japanese title 着替える!
Episode number 20
Previous episode The Mutiny
Next episode The Rescue

The Execution (Kigaeru!" 着替える!) is the twentieth episode of Samurai 7.


Ukyo meets with the leader of the Nobuseri and tells him that he hates all the bandits. However, he sill wants them to continue their raids on villages. Meanwhile, he tells the samurai to go out and protect the villages.

Kambei awaits his execution in a cell. He asks the guards if he can commit harakiri (a ritual suicide practiced by samurai that involves slashing the abdomen). He is denied.

Elsewhere, Katsushiro and the others make their way to the capital. They spot it hovering in the sky along with Nobuseri ships. They make their way into town and see an announcement – Kambei will be executed at six in the evening. Not wanting to waste time, they find Masamune. He takes their swords saying that they will take too long to fix, and gives Katsushiro and Kikuchiyo new ones to use temporarily.

In the capital, Ukyo converses about various things. He soon discovers Ayamaro eavesdropping. He says that he's merciful and will spare him. He then makes him the leader of the warehouse, a significant demotion.

In Kambei's cell, Mizuki arrives to give him his final meal - rice. She cries for him and asks how he's going to save them if he's dead. He says that it'll all be okay and pats her head. He then takes her headpin without her knowing.

Katsushiro and the others head toward the capital. They find some Guardians delivering power cells to the capital in celebration of the new emperor. Katsushiro apologizes and knocks the three out. He, Kirara, and Kikuchiyo then dress up as the Guardians. Katsushiro tells Kirara to go and free the woman with Kikuchiyo while he goes and saves Kambei. Komachi and Masmune stay behind.

The three head into the capital and meet none other than Ayamaro! After hearing that he will trade rice for the power cells, Kikuchiyo can't take it anymore. He lashes out at te guards there, and then starts slashing the rice up, yelling how he can't stand the fact that they trade rice that the farmers work so hard to cultivate for something like power cells. Kikuchiyo gets more aggravated when Ayamaro tells him that the Nobuseri take the rice from the farmers and the capital trades it to the Guardians for power cells. After Kikuchiyo somewhat calms down, Katsushiro tells Kirara and Kikuchiyo to go and find the woman, making Ayamaro lead the way. He then goes off to save Kambei.

Kambei is on the execution platform awaiting the turn of the hour. He turns to the executioner and asks him if he's man enough to show his true face when he does it. Just as the block falls in place, the chain holding his head comes off. No one sees it. Ukyo arrives and sits down.

The execution then raises his ax...