The Fool
The fool
General information
English title The Fool
Romaji Makasero!
Japanese title 任せろ!
Episode number 6
Previous episode The Drifter
Next episode The Friend

The Fool (Makasero! 任せろ!) is the sixth episode of Samurai 7.


In the palace, Ayamaro, Ukyo, Kyuzo, and Hyougo, stand over a dead Imperial Envoy's body. He was killed by a Samurai sword. Ayamaro declares that he wants all Samurai captured, dead or alive.

In town, Kambei talks with Gorobei. He says that this is actually good for them, since any Samurai weak enough to get caught isn't worth their time.

Kikuchiyo gets captured and is thrown in jail. He lies to the Samurai there, saying he got caught on purpose so that he could free them. He says that if he does, they all have to do him a favor. He easily breaks out of jail and they all run to Kambei and the others.

Kambei explains to Kirara Mikumari that they aren't having much luck thanks to the Samurai Hunt. Just then Kikuchiyo and the freed Samurai appear. Kambei says that they are all a waste of his time. To prove that they are too weak, he takes them all on and easily defeats them.

Masamune tells them that they must escape from the hideout, because it isn't safe. He shows them to an Old Elevator Train. Heihachi gets it to work while Kikuchiyo and Gorobei hold off the Imperial guards. Kambei thanks Masamune and as to avoid getting him caught up in everything, he ties him up and leaves him behind. With that, the rest take off on the train.

As they fly on the tracks, some Imperial guards catch up behind them while others set up a dynamite trap ahead of them. Kambei has a plan and tells them to cut off the passenger car. He gives a rope to Kikuchiyo and tells him to wheel it in when he gives the word. Kikuchiyo and Gorobei fight off many henchmen while Kambei commences his plan. He separates the two cars and tells Kikuchiyo to start to wheel it in. Just then the Imperial Guards ahead set off the trap and it cause a huge hole in the tracks.

Kikuchiyo tells Gorobei to go on ahead and begins to wheel it. The front car slows and everyone jumps off onto a nearby platform. Kambei than shouts at Kikuchiyo to let go and jump off. But, Kikuchiyo doesn't have time as he is fighting henchmen on the elevator train. As Kikuchiyo falls past them at a high speed he tells Kambei that he better not screw up and better save the farmers. With that Kikuchiyo, along with some Imperial Guards and henchmen fall into the ditch.

Kambei begins to walk away saying that he's walked over many allies' dead bodies before. Komachi Mikumari stands in front of him saying that she won't let him leave Kikuchiyo behind.