The Master
The master
General information
English title The Master
Romaji Kiru!
Japanese title 斬る!
Episode number 1
Previous episode None
Next episode The Pupil

The Master (Kiru! 斬る!) is the first episode of Samurai 7.


Enter a world whose past involved a large-scale war between samurai and mechanized samurai bandits, known as Nobuseri. The samurai fought a losing battle and retreated, and the war ended with an uneasy peace. Now the Nobuseri plague farming village periodically taking all their food and supplies and, sometimes, their women and children. The peasants of one village, Kanna, decide to seek samurai to fight off the Nobuseri on their behalf. Three villagers, Kirara the water priestess, her sister Komachi, and Rikichi, a farmer, set off to the city to find samurai who are willing to work for rice.

As the three enter the city they are mugged! A man takes their rice and flees. The three yell for someone to stop the man, but no one does. Finally, a samurai with green hair stops him. In doing so the rice spills and pours over the floor. Rikichi immediately begins to pick it up. The samurai apologizes saying that he only meant to stop the mugger. The three ask why he helped them when nobody else would. The samurai says that it's just what he believes in. His purpose is to help others. With that, he walks away. Rikichi asks Kirara why she didn't ask him to help them defeat the Nobuseri. Kirara says that her pendant did not choose that samurai.

Just then, they hear commotion coming from a different part of town. The three hurry over to see what's going on. A man seized a poor couple's child and his holding him hostage. The green-haired samurai from before, Okamoto Katsushiro, offers to help the couple. But, before he does a large samurai in armor named Kikuchiyo steps out of the crowd. He says that he'll help them, but it'll cost them their house. He slices the house down with one swoop of his sword. He tells the man to let go of the child and give up. The man reveals dynamite strapped onto his chest.

Just then, another samurai steps out of the crowd. This new, unknown samurai challenges Kikuchiyo to a duel saying that he's been looking for him. With one swing of his sword, the unknown samurai slices off Kikuchiyo's head. To everyone's shock Kikuchiyo is unharmed because he is completely mechanized. The unknown samurai saves the child with a few cuts. He slices off all the dynamite strapped to the bandit's chest and walks away. Kirara says that her pendant has chosen that samurai.