The Mutiny
The mutiny
General information
English title The Mutiny
Romaji Somuku!
Japanese title 背く!
Episode number 19
Previous episode The Emperor
Next episode The Execution

The Mutiny (Somuku! 背く!) is the nineteenth episode of Samurai 7.


Kambei is put in prison and is to be executed in five days. He asks Mizuki why he isn't going to be executed immediately. She replies that Ukyo has requested a delay.

Meanwhile, Ukyo is summoned before the Amanushi. He takes some blood from him and reads his DNA. He confirms that he is his 49th clone. He then puts him through a thee day test. Tessai and Ayamaro explain that each clone before Ukyo was put through a series of questions that last three days, but so far none of them managed to survive. Amanushi adds that Ukyo should be different, because he was raised as a peasant and not in the capital with him.

At Kanna village, Rikichi is determined to go out and fight, wanting to go with Shichiroji and Heihachi. Shichiroji stops him, telling him that he's in no condition to fight and that there was a reason why Kambei left everyone where they are. Heihachi jokes that Rikichi can come with them, once he gets better.

Elsewhere, Ukyo undergoes three grueling days of questions. While this happens he studies Amanushi. Eventually he passes and becomes the next successor. Later, Sanae talks with Amanushi, asking what will happen to the child. Amanushi replies that he too will be a successor. She says that she is afraid of Ukyo's eyes. Amanushi responds that they are the same. After hearing this conversation, Ukyo decides to head to Kambei's cell. He tells him that he was the one who murdered the imperial envoy for a "friend".

On the road to Masamune's, Katsushiro and the others are hot and out of water. Two samurai show up and give them some food and water. They mention that they are famous, "the seven who saved Kanna". They also explain about Ukyo and how they are assigned to protect a village. Naturally, Katsushiro and the others are suspicious.

Back at the capital, Ukyo meets with Amanushi privately, and kills him by puling his oxygen plug. He stages an act and fakes Amanushi's voice in front of everyone behind a curtain. He makes it look like Amanushi is abdicating to Ukyo. With that, Ukyo becomes the new Amanushi and is accepted by everyone, who believes that the former wanted this.