The pupil
General information
English title The Pupil
Romaji Kuu!
Japanese title 喰う!
Episode number 2
Previous episode The Master
Next episode The Entertainer

The Pupil (Kuu! 喰う!) is the second episode of Samurai 7.


After the previous incident, Kikuchiyo finds a metal worker to fix his head back onto his body.

Meanwhile, Kirara, the water priestess of her village, is still searching for samurai to aid her. Just then, a carriage passes by. In the carriage, sits a young man named Ukyo. He is the son of the local magistrate and instantly notices Kirara.

Elsewhere, the young green-haired samurai, Okamoto Katsushiro, finds the unknown samurai from before, who is revealed to be called Shimada Kambei. Katsushiro begs Kambei to take him in as his student just when Kirara catches up to Kambei and asks him to protect her village. Kambei refuses both of them, but Katsushiro agrees to help Kirara.

At a castle, there is another mysterious samurai…

Kirara is still searching for samurai to help her, but has no luck. Many of the samurai she interviews just eat her rice and leave. Suddenly, the young lord Ukyo kidnaps her. Rikichi and Komachi Mikumari find Kikuchiyo and ask him to help them. Together with Katsushiro, the four head out to intercept the carriage.

Being the son of a lord, Ukyo's carriage is heavily protected. When the four arrive, Katsushiro and Kikuchiyo fight Ukyo's numerous ands strong bodyguards. The two samurai put up a good fight, but are no match for Ukyo's protectors.

During the fight, Kirara escapes. She is soon cornered by three of the Ukyo's bodyguards on the edge of a draining pipe. The only choice she has is to surrender or to jump off the cliff and fall down to the street below, which is certain death. She suddenly spots Kambei walking in the street on a lower pathway. Finding herself with no other alternative, she jumps down.

Kambei spots her just in time and jumps off the pathway to catch her. He succeeds and they both land onto an elevator type platform. However, they soon come crashing down. Kambei jams his sword into the elevator's cable mechanic and slows down their speed. At the last moment they leap off and land safely.