The Remembrance
The remembrance
General information
English title The Remembrance
Romaji Zubunure!
Japanese title ずぶ濡れ!
Episode number 17
Previous episode The Storm
Next episode The Emperor

The Remembrance (Zubunure! ずぶ濡れ!) is the seventeenth episode of Samurai 7.


The battle is over. The Nobuseri are defeated, for the time being. Gorobei is dead. Kambei is gone. Kyuzo has also disappeared.

Seven "kami" have saved the village, but now the seven have separated...

Katsushiro is sitting in a house reflecting on past battles and war in general. Kirara shows up and talks with him. After a brief explanation of why the Great War happened, Katsushiro comes to grips with himself and the idea of war. He states that he finally understands what Kyuzo meant when he said that he wanted to live.

Elsewhere, Kikuchiyo is sitting near Gorobei's grave reflecting on what just happened. He wonders if he is truly a samurai and what a samurai looks like. Heihachi overhears and tells Kikuchiyo to look in a mirror, because he'll see a samurai staring back at him.

Meanwhile, Ukyo is trimming his pants when a messenger from the Emperor arrives stating that Ukyo's father has been removed from the position of Magistrate due to his failure to capture the samurai. He adds that Ukyo is the new Magistrate.

Back at Kanna, Kikuchiyo is sitting by a river staring in it, looking at his reflection. Komachi and Okara sit near him fishing. Seeing that Kikuchiyo is depressed, Okara teases that he's nothing without Kambei around because he always followed him. After remembering past events, Kikuchiyo comes to grips about who he is and what he must do.

He heads to where Katsushiro and Kirara are (tending to a wounded Rikichi). Kikuchiyo grabs Katsushiro and tells him that they have to go find and save Kambei. Katsushiro is hesitant, but after Kikuchiyo asks him if he's a samurai or a sheep, Katsushiro complies and decides to head out with Kikuchiyo and find Kambei.

Elsewhere, Kambei heads to the cave where the Guardians reside. Honoka sees him and runs up to him. Kambei informs her that Gorobei is dead, but Kanna is saved. He adds that he is here to fulfill his promise to her and get back her sister. He says that her masters will take him to the capital.

Just then the Guardians drop down...