The Storm
The storm
General information
English title The Storm
Romaji Shisu!
Japanese title 死す!
Episode number 16
Previous episode The Gun and the Calm
Next episode The Remembrance

The Storm (Shisu! 死す!) is the sixteenth episode of Samurai 7.


The second attack of the Nobuseri has begun! All of their troops have started to move while the people of Kanna prepare for the attack. All the women and children are gathered in a temple, while the men are at their posts ready to defend their village.

Shichiroji, Kambei, and Katsushiro talk about what they think the Nobuseri will do to attack the village. Shichiroji explains that they will probably head near the waterfall because the mist will hide them and that the roar of the waterfall will hide the sounds that they make. Soon after, Rikichi arrives to tell Kambei that they have spotted bandits and then he tells him the number of troops attacking.

Elsewhere, Gorobei stands ready at his post. A Nobuseri fires an arrow with a grenade on the tip! Rikichi and Katsushiro arrive, and Katsushiro explains that grenades are forbidden weapons.

Kikuchiyo is also prepared at his assigned post. Nobuseri come storming in like locust. Benigumo fights against Kyuzo, and Kyuzo defeats him easily. Katsushiro arrives to tell Kambei the number of Nobuseri attacking, but right after he tells him, they are attacked!

Later, a Nobuseri attacks Heihachi's post with a grenade and Heihachi is injured because of it. Rikichi tries to hit the enemy using a Nobuseri weapon, but he fails. Katsushiro then attacks the Raiden and defeats it.

With most of the Nobuseri defeated, a couple of armored samurai remain with the Benigumo. They defeat the armored samurai easily, but the Benigumo fires a shot at Gorobei. Luckily, he is able to deflect it. The force throws Gorobei close to a house and the Benigumo fire another shot, but this time it hits Gorobei!

Kambei takes on the Benigumo one on one, but the Benigumo cheats by bringing out a hidden gun. To even the odds, Kyuzo cuts off the arm where the gun is. In addition, the farmers shoot at the Benigumo using a Nobuseri weapon. To finish the Benigumo, Kambei cuts off its head and also cuts him in half.

After all the fighting is said and done, the severely hurt Gorobei lies in the village as the train pours down. Kambei insists that he has killed him when he recruited him to fight. Gorobei tells him that he gave him life. With that, Gorobei dies. Kambei then leaves the village.